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Creator, I see Mother Earth spinning below. I see all her Beauty. I feel all her Energy pulsing through and out, to all beings walking the Earth.

Creator, I see the peoples of good hearts who try to get our voices heard, but, I still see injustices perpetrated against our peoples....why are we not heard in the places that would be able to right the wrongs?

Creator, I see Our Culture standing strong, but our old people and our children still need much help to put them on an equal basis regarding land rights and even basic needs.

Creator, I am just a small human being, walking this Earth on a healing Path but my spirit cries out to you, to give them the means and ways to make the right people (who can change things), to listen to their rightful requests, for Justice to be heard.

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Creator in all humbleness and respect, I ask you to hear my prayer.

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Revised February 22, 2002