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To request prayers, to share in the healing
and the prayers for healing.
For healing is meant to be shared for all in need.

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Please say a prayer while you are here, for all those who are
"In need, sick or suffering", wherever they may be on Mother Earth.

~  Thank you  -   Wado  ~

Special prayers are said, by Consheba & Starhawk,
in a "Prayer at Dawn Circle", while giving thanks for
the many daily blessings we are each gifted with.


"All that I do, ye shall do, and more."



Thy Will be Done, Almighty Creator.

He said, If you had FAITH as big as a mustard seed, you would
say unto the Mountain "MOVE" and it would MOVE".

Such great and utter pure faith is hard to understand, 
or to achieve, yet this WILL is given to us.

To have Faith in the face of great adversity, To have Faith
when sickness and adversity overtakes us, sometimes
seeming to Overwhelm us beyond our understanding of
"Why me ".

I am called by many names, and by each I am honored.
"Believe in me, and all else WILL be added unto you"



As is known, by those with the Knowing, and those of
the "Old Ways" and those who are born with the "Inate" Knowing.

It is the belief in the system and the intent to become well that
determines whether a sick person will recover.

 ~  Charles Fillmore  ~


We are an integral part of Mother Earth, of the universe,
just as each cell within our body is an inseparable part of us.



The universe is an intelligent consciousness arranged in
wonderful ways, with each element in contact and interacting
with other elements. This applies to every quantum, atom,
regardless of its location, in a grain of sand or in the most
complex biologic entity that exists, a human being.

In every instance, whether we are dealing with illness of
health or recovery from illness, the keys to the outcome are
desire and intent.

All healing systems are effective if the patient believes.
The belief system and the intent to become well that determines
whether a person overcomes sickness. The ability to call on
the divine inner given power , even in the face of an
(Already sickness). The ability to call on your strength of Will,
and merge this in humble prayer to Creator/Almighty spirit/
Heavenly Father/Jesus's WILL , while yet understanding
"The reason of the seasons" and All that these words mean.

To realise, As You Think = So You Are = It Is So = So It Is.

To put in place a POSITIVE thought over a NEGATIVE,
hard as this may be during sickness.

To give orders to each cell in your body to "HEAL"
with the WILL that you have been gifted with.

All this , with a humble respectful , yet powerfully strong "Intent".

To keep your spirit uplifted and boyant in the face of trials,
tribulations and sickness.

To realise that you cannot think (the thought) "Healthy" or
the thought "Sick" at the same time. It is impossible to think
two thoughts as once" so, replace the sick thought with a
"I am Healthy, I am healing" thought.

--- At all times  -  most of all ---
DO NOT GIVE IN, Creator gave you this POWER. USE IT, Ho!

I speak all these words with the utmost FAITH that our Prayers
are heard and answered for our Highest Good.

A most humble, yet strong, full of FAITH servant of his WILL.. 
I am Consheba. THY WILL be my WILL.



~  Prayer for Healing Requests  ~

Please say a prayer while you are here, for all those who are
in need, sick or suffering, wherever they may be on Mother Earth.

Thank you!




Please say healing prayers for a friend of mine, Pamela Beeman.
She is suffering from severe headaches that have bothered her
since the end of December. Thanks for praying for all
the members of Rainbow Village and welcome to our group
of loving and warm people. We are all looking forward to
hearing from you and it is a great honor to know you!



Well the doctor watched my feet change colors to purple
and listened to them with a stethoscope and all and now next
week some time I'm going to have to go for a doppler sonogram
to see how the blood flow is.. He said it could be a blood clot
but he really don't think it is or just from my nerve damage from
my back or a pinched nerve and many other things as he put it.
But that this doppler sonogram will show them what is going on.
I cried and told him I'm scared. He said he wants me to stop
the topamax and to start Relafen 750 mg twice daily and see
if this helps. So we will see. Please keep me in your prayers.


With God all things are possible
Wa Do my friends and family

Wi Gi is Vicki in Cherokee



It seems my beautiful black cat was hit by a car last night
or this morning. Please pray for her healing. She is a little
4 yr old short haired, very sweet, her name is Stinker-Bee.
I appreciate your help.

Patrice McDonnell & Stinker



Hi Consheba,

You wanted to know about Owl Woman sending things about
Larry Irons. Yes she is in our Native American "Rainbow Village ",
a Yahoo Group and she knows of Larry's health problems. 
He found out today his right lung has Cancer all the way
through it he thought it was only in the upper lobe. 
And he has the cancer on his wind pipe and limp nodes
surrounded it.
 ~  He is in need of prayers  ~
I am with him in Michigan and love him very much.

 ~ Thank you ~
~ Jeanne ~ Butterfly Dancer ~



Good evening,

Went to the VA today and seen the doctor and Larry seemed
to like him. Discovered some spots in the other lung now.
Don't know what it is yet but he will have a scope runed into
the lung on the 6th of April and have it checked out.
Will have surgery as soon as he see a doctor from Detroit.
and they can schedule surgery.

Will keep you updated as we go along.

Love & Hugs,
Mom Maureen



Hello great light being Consheba.

Thank you so very much for your email. I am honored to
have a healer of your great quality work on me. I have
a long standing lung infection, and a lump on my
left thyroid that becomes infected frequently.

I am a Naturopathic/Homeopathic physician and have
spent 35 years as a doctor and nutritionist. Luckily, I have
gotten in touch with my allergies to milk, wheat, corn and
sugar, and suffer greatly if I do eat them. But the lung and
thyroid problem, I do not seem to overcome, and would be
most grateful for your healing and loving kindness to me.

If you go into the Internet under the website:

you will see my book, Pat and I wrote, called,
"What's Food Got To Do With It", and if you have any
problems yourself that my book does not address, please
let me share my knowledge with you as well.

In great love and light,
Dr. Sandy Hills, ND

*   *   *   *   *

Precious Consheba,

Thank you for the confirmation of what is going wrong
in my neck and back. I never thought of Spondolosis,
and that is exactly what a pinched nerve it. I will have
an MRI next week and confirm it and then start traction
once again as I once did when I broke my neck in that area.

Thank you, thank you, and your wonderful healers, (Guides).
You are such a gift from God, and I am so grateful to know
you and have your healing on my body and soul.

God bless you, Love Always,






Wi Gi (Vicki)



From UNA:

26 year old Indian girl who has been in a coma for 18 days L3-4

Please sing prayers for this young girl




Urgent request for
Healing - Comfort - Strength and Understanding
Ho !

For Kevin Keough

Kevin dear brother, you have been guided into this Circle
of Healing and prayers by a beautiful soul by the name
of Owl Woman..

Please feel yourself enfolded in healing comfort and love.
Be at peace with yourself and know that Creator loves you
beyond compare. Your heart shines so brightly with all that
you do, and give of yourself to others, never ever doubt that.

Your path is hard sometimes to walk, and sometimes
overwhelming, yet you are helping so many. Creator
sometimes gives you great tests, yet knows how much
you can bear. He walks with you every step of the way,
and when you feel it is too much, he will carry you, then
set you down again gently to continue your own path of
healing others lives.

Be strong my brother




Please say healing prayers for my friend, Bernadette Lonzo.
She has several medical problems that continue to give her
pain and discomfort. Thank you for all the prayers you have
said for Rainbow Village and my friends. May the healing
powers of Great Spirit continue to work through you.

Owl Woman



Please include me in your prayers. I have rheumatoid
arthritis and every joint seems to ache. My dear friend Vicki
led me here. Say a special prayer for a healing for her
nerve damage.

Yigaquu osaniyu adanvto adadoligi nigohilvi nasquv utloyasdi nihi.
May the Great Spirit's Blessings Always Be With You.




Hello Everyone,

My name is David, I am co-founder with Pamela and Harvey
in, the father of her children and her
life partner. I am writing today to ask everyone to send
good thoughts and prayers to her. Pamela is in the hospital
suffering with a blocked small intestine. She is in excruciating
pain hoping that the doctors can find the reason and a
procedure to relieve her of the pain. The doctors are not
sure what has caused this. They have considered the possibility
that it might be related to one the tropical diseases she
contracted while in the Amazon 18 years ago. They say
that sometimes certain tropical diseases can flare up
10-20 years later.

She has been in the hospital since Thursday evening.
The doctors continue to run tests but still have not come up
with a sound diagnosis or treatment plan. In the mean time
they have her on a high dose of pain medicine.

So please send good words and prayers to her.
I will update everyone as soon as we have any new information.

Pam is at:

Pamela Rickenbach
Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Room 224
30 Locust Street (Route 9)
Northampton, MA 01061-5001

Love & Light

David Milos



You're very welcome Consheba. Love you dearly.
Please add a dear friend of mine, Janie, to your prayers.
She has cancer and has had to stop the chemo.
It is not looking good. She is truly a wonderful lady,
one I have known for years.

Love and thanks
With God all things are possible
Wa Do my friends and family
Love Vicki
Wi Gi is Vicki in Cherokee



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