Dream Interpretations

Dreams are said to be the mind's way of making sense of the various types of
input with which it has to cope. It has certainly been proved
that the human being
needs sleep in order to be able to function

Indeed sleep depravation has a profound effect on efficiency and ability and
the function of dreams seems to be to balance the psychological and
activity within us.  Mental and physical breakdown occurs
very quickly without
the relief of the dreaming process.

Dream interpretation has a long and checkered history . Probably some of the best
known are those recorded in the Bible, such as "The feast and the famine", which
was interpreted by Joseph. (Incidentally) Joseph must have had a great deal of
insight available to him through dreams, since he was a prolific dreamer himself.

Ancient peoples had great faith in prophetic or clairvoyant dreams, which they
called "visions".  They believed they were sent as warnings and guidance.
  Knights in shining armour,  "I come to rescue thee".

Our Dreams can take us anywhere and can be more  real than reality,  we can
even go back into an other lifetime, we are given a glimpse of remembrance
but we do not realize it is  so, unless we go into life-regression.

In the light of the modern-day belief that many dreams come from
the Higher Self, or more spiritual side of ourselves, and I believe this to be true.
To Dream of Death does not mean you are going to die, it nearly always means
a new beginning,  that something is finished and done with,
and that you can make a new start.

  Any Dream interpretation I do, will take into account how the person felt in the Dream, 
i.e. happy, or sad.  Where you were, was it dark?  Was it light?  Were you looking on?
Or were you a part of the Dream?  All these things I consider, also how you felt when
you awoke from the Dream.

If you would like a Dream interpretation,
please e-mail me with the details of your Dream.

~   Happy Dreaming   ~

May Gods Light be with you always, guiding your life's Path!




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