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I am known as Consheba... but I was gifted with the name Spirit Woman Healer,
of which I am very honored and humbled to have been given this name.

I live in Australia. I am interested in Theology, Metaphysics, Healing and
alternative medicine. I am Reiki, level 111 (3) and now, Master Reiki Healer,
Attuned by Reiki Master, Jeanne Porter Ashley. I am interested in all
Healing subjects, Absent healing (e-mail Spiritual Counselling).

Email me at:

Spirit Woman Healer

Healing is first given to me from above (to give to you). It is the Divine Will
working through me.  I Embrace all subjects that help people in need. Furthering
my Knowledge, Reading, Herbs, Earth stones, Crystals.  Awakening souls to the Divine
give power within. Seeing things Given back to peoples which rightfully belongs to
them.  Seeing happy contented peoples and children in a (fair to all) World.


Genuine caring souls who give of themselves unconditionally from the heart.
Humour. The ability to see life in all its aspects, as a path to be walked, with
lessons to be learnt.  Wisdom and Knowledge to be shared, and taught to those
who are searching for an answer, to life, in all its perplexities.  Lighthearted, able
to laugh at themselves, and able to enjoy all that life has to offer from the Beauty
of Earth, to the happiness within.  As a Man Thinketh in his Heart.  So He Is.....



Laughter, Nature, Humour, Reading, Caring People, A beautiful, Peaceful home,
Different Cultures and Religions, Good Friends, Romantic Dinners with your loved
one, Humble, Quiet Achievers, Enjoying all the blessings that life has to offer.


Dis-respectors of Nature, and The Animal Kingdom, People that willfully
hurt others. Just about anything that is Yukky, Rude, Crude, or Smutty.
But most of all Discrimination.

I am just beginning my new website..... and the Journey begins....
won't you please come along?

~ ~    CONSHEBA     ~ ~
Spirit Woman Healer



The music playing is "Mercy Street"
Elan Michaels

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